City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Challenge

A citywide implementation to capture and maintain all spatial and non-spatial assets as part of a strategic plan to migrate all departments to a single management solution. The solution must support public works, utilities, traffic, water, facilities, parks, forestry and more must also integrate seamlessly with GIS, finance and IT.


Our team implemented VUEWorks® and provides ongoing services to facilitate solution design, integration, testing, training, support, hosting and maintenance. Mobile applications enable staff to collect, rate and maintain assets in a connected or disconnected environment. Custom closed-circuit television (CCTV) condition reports integrate real-time imagery captured during inspections.


The VUEWorks Solution and the City’s efforts combined to create comprehensive and robust dashboards that display relevant captured data. This data drives strategic decisions that create efficiencies and improve service-level agreement (SLA) response times. The City’s VUEWorks environments are configured to maximize GIS data and capture current accurate conditions of assets through mobile collection efforts and custom reports.

880,000 square feet of facilities
1,300 employees across 12 departments
3,000+ acres of parks and recreation space
Mobile data collection