Indiana Toll Road


The Indiana Toll Road Concession Company (ITRCC) implemented VUEWorks as their enterprise asset management solution to track, maintain and replace assets. By proactively maintaining assets, the ITRCC anticipates saving $100 million over the next 65 years.

The Challenge

Indiana Toll Road Concession Company LLC (ITRCC) had to change direction and produce a profit rather than operate at a deficit. New technology was identified to inventory, track, maintain and replace assets. In this case, assets included roadway lighting, guardrails, pavement and toll and service plazas.


VUEWorks was chosen as the asset management software. ITRCC also incorporated multiple data sources such as existing video logs of roads for a complete and robust interactive GIS map.


By implementing VUEWorks as the enterprise asset management solution, ITRCC anticipates an estimated $100 million in savings over the remaining 65 years of the contract. This savings is recognized by maintaining the roadway assets systematically before they can fall into a failed condition that results in high costs of rehabilitation and reconstruction.

157,000 miles state interstate system
Estimated $100 million in cost savings
75-year lease with state