Michigan gets AMP’d

Public Infrastructure is one of governments largest investments. Therefore, it is imperative that these systems are managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Through passage of Public Acts 323, 324 and 325 in 2018, the State of Michigan created the Michigan Infrastructure Council (MIC), Water Asset Management Council (WAMC) and Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC) all with requirements to ensure that qualifying government agencies submit Asset Management Plans (AMP) for the networks they oversee.

These include but are not limited to: drinking water supply systems, wastewater systems, stormwater systems, drains, roads, bridges, broadband and communication systems, and electricity and natural gas networks.

Complying with the requirements of Public Acts 323, 324 and 325 requires asset owners to accomplish the following tasks:


We provide comprehensive asset management solutions. These include conducting field inventories that map and assess the condition of assets to developing capital improvement programs (CIPs) to provide the cost-effective and efficient plans for improving your infrastructure.

We leverage a unique mix of professionals including transportation planners, engineers, geographers and software engineers to develop technology-based solutions for the transportation industry. From local municipal planning organizations, regulated utilities to state DOT’s, we’ve collected data, integrated systems and visualized the outcome.


One of the biggest challenges in contracting work for public and private entities is the availability of contracting vehicles that provide access to the services necessary to comply with government mandates.

We have been awarded a MIDEAL contract that helps expedite lengthy contracting processes and meets all state requirements for competitive bidding. MiDEAL is an extended purchasing program which allows Michigan local units of government to use state contracts to buy goods and services.

Local governments benefit directly from the reduced cost of goods and services and indirectly by eliminating the time needed to process bids. We currently have a contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation for our VUEWorks® asset management software which would allow any registered MiDEAL agencies use the contract to acquire the software.

Our agreement is listed under “MISC IT” contracts on the MiDEAL website as “Enterprise Asset Management Solution”. A direct link is https://www.michigan.gov/dtmb/0,5552,7-358-82550_85753_64866-360657–,00.html.

For information about eligibility for the program, please refer to the Michigan Department of Management and Budget website.

MiDEAL membership must be verified prior to processing PO. If a specific agency is not listed, verify their membership (see links below):
MiDEAL membership is open to:

Non-profit agencies are not eligible for MiDEAL. If you’re eligible and you’d like to become a MiDEAL member, please email MiDEAL@Michigan.gov or call 517-284-7013. There is an annual fee. Click here to download the MiDEAL Brochure.

MiDeal Extended Purchasing Program
We are a transportation planning, engineering, GIS, and asset management solutions company focused on performance-based collection and analysis of infrastructure including pavement and any features above ground located within the right-of-way.

As an Asset Owner, our services encompass every component of the required AMP.

For more information, contact: vueworks@atkinsrealis.com.