Asset Data Collection Services

Our mobile asset collection (MAC) vans and drones capture infrastructure details like pavement condition and right-of-way asset inventory. High-resolution cameras capture laser data images and are uploaded into a web-enabled asset management software, providing a quick and cost-effective method to update asset registries.

Pavement Data Collection

Pavement distresses increased over time, making it common practice to recollection condition data periodically to ensure roads are well-maintained and necessary funds are made available for improvements. These slow-ride routes provide valuable images of pavement distresses, right-of-way assets and GPS attributes that are crucial to capital improvement planning.

As a leader in pavement condition assessments and asset management for nearly 20 years, we provide a combination of technology and expertise to deliver pavement condition index (PCI) ratings for all pavement management systems (PMS) and robust spatial asset inventories that integrate into your enterprise geographic information system (GIS).

Asset Data Collection

We provide the data and intelligence organizations need to design, build and operate their most valuable assets.

By using advanced technology, we transform the raw survey data gathered from a site into a powerful decision-making tool. We offer a comprehensive range of survey and mapping services, from small-scale, ground-based investigation to wide-area aerial 3D mapping. Our experienced teams work closely with clients to identify a data collection method that meets their project and cost requirements, and to deliver the insight needed—whether it is to inform the design of a new development, optimize the route of new infrastructure or update existing building or site records for asset management purposes.

Drone-Based Asset Collection

Let our certified drone pilots collect the data and then we will provide a workflow to conduct inspections and deliver a GIS-centric deliverable that can be integrated with any asset management software package. We also capture GIS-centric inspection information that can be integrated into your enterprise GIS or asset management software.